Jay Benfield

Consultant, developer, and leader. I’m passionate about solving tough problems with data and good UI.


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What We Do
  • Obsess over details
  • Value relationships
  • High-five
  • Make things, break things
  • Exceed expectations
  • Party
What We Don’t
  • Work late / weekends
  • Have a sales team
  • Resist cake
  • Sacrifice quality for profit
  • Lose at Mario Kart
Select Clients

Ben Pfäffle

Carola Petri


Otto’s Burger

Bring The Noise


Lotos Lifestyle

Rive Restaurant

Style Statements

Plan-B Kitchen

Awards & Recognitions

Finalist — Semplice — Best Showcase
Authentic Weather

Awwwards — Site Of The Day
NYT Wellness

Mindsparklemag — People’s Choice

Semi Finalist — Fwa — Site Of The Day
Five & Dime

Finalist — Behance — Best Showcase

Webby Awards — Honorable Mention
Tokyo Street

Fwa – Site Of The Day
Centre Pavillion