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Splunk, Statamic, & custom development

On Air Fest

Tailored CMS experience and HTML/CSS build for a one of a kind event.

On Air Fest is advancing the culture of audio. I worked closely with the work x work team to integrate Statamic with an innovative and intricate visual design. The CMS backend provides  intuitive management capabilities.

On Air Fest
On Air Fest
On Air Fest
Jay and his team are incredible and I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to build a robust, flexible and design-focused website. His attention to detail is matched only by his commitment to the stability of the system. He recently built our festival event website which had a number of unique challenges all of which he solved for. He educated us about CMS options and helped us choose a solution that would power us longterm. We’re so grateful we followed Jay’s advice and worked closely with him top implement it. He’s a pleasure to work with, super reliable and has deep integrity. He is just a committed to the success of our project as we are. That’s a unique partner to find. -- Scott Newman, Founder & Creative Director, work x work

Patient Privacy Platform

A Splunk app to monitor patient access across a hospital environment with 50,000 employees.

Under the guidance of Splunk Product Management, I led the development of a custom Splunk app for New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York. The Patient Privacy Platform provides critical visibility into clinician access to patient records across over twenty use cases. Watch the session recording from Splunk .conf18 to learn more.

As of February 2019, I provide Splunk development services at True Zero Technologies.

Who doesn't like a good bubble chart?!

dvvy Chargeback

An app that enables Splunk chargeback by tracking key dimensions of usage.

I created dvvy to enable Splunk chargeback. It tracks key dimensions of usage and displays charges by cost center, group, and data source.

Learn more or download a trial at RedFactor.